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On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 10:15 PM, Keegan Witt <keeganwitt@gmail.com> wrote:
I've never had cause to use this functionality, so forgive my ignorance.  Where did this repo move after the Codehaus shutdown?  http://svn.codehaus.org/groovy/modules/scriptom/trunk/ It doesn't look like it was included in the Codehaus mirrors

Indeed, I don't think it's been moved anywhere.
And did the documentation get moved as well? 

No it hasn't moved either.
If not, I propose we work with Codehaus to get it migrated to Github both for posterity and possibly someone might volunteer to pick up development.

Ok, feel free to contact Ben Walding to see if he's kept that in the archives before shutting down everything.
I've added Ben in CC for reference, so you can work with him on how to move that forward.
I also see it's unmaintained currently.  Were there any technical reasons for this?  Or just lack of time/interest?  Feel free to point me to any thread I've missed where this was discussed.

I was the initial creator of Scriptom, back in ... oh boy... 2004? :-O
I worked on it for a while, but later on, Jason Smith took the lead (added in CC)
As I had moved to Macs, I personally don't really need Scriptom anymore.
We haven't seen much traction or interest recently about it (which doesn't mean nobody would use it if it were updated and advertised though... it's a bit the chicken and egg problem).


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