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From Guillaume Laforge <>
Subject Re: GPars Roadmap
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 20:35:51 GMT
Shouldn't some Groovy mentions in your email be replaced by GPars mentions?

2015-06-03 18:14 GMT+02:00 Russel Winder <>:

> As far as I am aware Groovy 1.x is in maintenance mode only. It is
> intended to release 1.3.0 as soon as it is possible to release first a
> snapshot and then a release via Artifactory/Bintray. Some progress was
> made on this at the Gr8Conf 2105 Hackergarten, but I am not sure a
> snapshot release is yet possible to act as a release candidate.
> Groovy 2.x is JDK8-only: all the ParallelArray (extra166y) bits have
> been ripped out, to be replaced with use of Streams. The idea is
> preserve the best bits of the 1.x API, but to delete as much as
> possible. Streams are after all usable directly from Groovy so GPars
> only needs to provide the actors, dataflow, CSP, etc., not any of the
> data parallel stuff. Actually the actors, dataflow, etc. is the bulk of
> GPars, so in a sense we are doing a small prune, even if it is a big
> change wrt data parallelism.
> Currently there is a jdk8 branch in the repository for the 2.x work.
> If anyone wants to chip in effort, the current issue is to find Stream
> -based implementations for as many of the data parallel methods as
> possible. Currently most of these return null, which means the tests
> will not pass!
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> Russel.
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