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From C├ędric Champeau <>
Subject Re: precedence rules for power operator vs -, +, ++, --
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2015 16:02:23 GMT
2015-06-08 15:02 GMT+02:00 Winnebeck, Jason <>

> If this isn't a clear cut fix then you might want consider leaving it as
> it is for backwards compatibility. Groovy already has enough issues with
> breaking changes.

I agree that we should avoid breaking changes on this on a dot release.
It's not really a bugfix but a semantic change. That said, can you
elaborate on "Groovy has enough issues with breaking changes"? In general
we do a pretty good job I think to preserve compatibility. What problems
did you face? Were those problems documented as breaking changes? If not,
were they simply bugs?

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