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From Russel Winder <>
Subject GPars Roadmap
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 16:14:32 GMT
As far as I am aware Groovy 1.x is in maintenance mode only. It is
intended to release 1.3.0 as soon as it is possible to release first a
snapshot and then a release via Artifactory/Bintray. Some progress was
made on this at the Gr8Conf 2105 Hackergarten, but I am not sure a
snapshot release is yet possible to act as a release candidate.

Groovy 2.x is JDK8-only: all the ParallelArray (extra166y) bits have
been ripped out, to be replaced with use of Streams. The idea is
preserve the best bits of the 1.x API, but to delete as much as
possible. Streams are after all usable directly from Groovy so GPars
only needs to provide the actors, dataflow, CSP, etc., not any of the
data parallel stuff. Actually the actors, dataflow, etc. is the bulk of
GPars, so in a sense we are doing a small prune, even if it is a big
change wrt data parallelism.

Currently there is a jdk8 branch in the repository for the 2.x work.

If anyone wants to chip in effort, the current issue is to find Stream
-based implementations for as many of the data parallel methods as
possible. Currently most of these return null, which means the tests
will not pass! 

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