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From Dmitry Semionin <>
Subject Re: Groovy to develop for Android
Date Tue, 19 May 2015 20:34:16 GMT
Hello again everybody,

Thanks for the feedback you provided, i do appreciate your effort guys =).
I'd like to comment on a few points blackdrag made.

Like i said before, i'm facing a choice between Groovy and Kotlin for my
Android development tasks. And yes, right now i'm doing it alone, so
there's no pressure from outside and i don't have to follow anyone else's
guidelines. But still i would like to make a wise choice and spend my time
on something that i would be able to successfully apply for solving other
types of tasks too.

>  3. Best suited for use inside the JetBrains ecosystem, which means that
>> outside of it there might be some issues.
> We are taking about developing apps... are you going to use Kotlin outside
> of an Android Studio environment? If not, then this is nothing to worry
> about. And if yes, there is still Gradle and a Eclipse plugin.

Yes, when talking about Android development _only_, i don't think thinking
about what's outside of Android Studio matters. But Kotlin is not peddled
as a language for Android only. Nor is Groovy. So i'm trying to figure out
which of them has a bigger universal potential.

> My question would be more like... are you working alone? Then it is
> probably best to take the tool you find more comfortable with.

And to understand which tool is more comfortable one has to spend some time
working with it, right? ;) I wish i had all the time in the world just to
try programming languages and standard libraries like shoes so that i can
actually feel which one suits me better. But i don't have this luxury right
now, and the reason behind my post is to find out what other, more
well-versed programmers, found comfortable for themselves. I don't think
i'm too unique for their experience to be in vain.

> But I can tell you as much: There is no true best choice when it comes to
> programming languages. Especially not when it is going to be a long term
> project.

True. But some choices are still better than others. For example, i have 8
years programming with C++, so for me it's obviously a tool i feel
comfortable with. But obviously it's not the best choice for most of the
modern apps. So is Groovy good enough to view it not only as a Java
replacement for Android, but also a good universal tool? Maybe not the
best, but at least worth of mastering it?

- Dmitry Semionin

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