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From Alain Stalder <>
Subject [ANN] Jexler (1.0.16)
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 22:28:16 GMT
Since it's been two years since the first announced release here (Jexler 
1.0.0) and I made quite a few improvements since then, especially in the 
web GUI, I thought it might be worthwhile to re-announce... :)

"Jexler is a simple relaxed Java 7 framework for
starting/stopping Groovy scripts as services and
enabling them to react to events of their choice."

In a nutshell, Jexler is a Java webapp that lets you edit and start/stop 
etc. a bunch of Groovy scripts and easily configure them to do some 
tasks, e.g. triggered by a crontab string, sort of a blend of cronjobs 
and Groovy.

Not the new forthcoming technology, just something I did on the side, 
but maybe useful for some people or just 5 minutes of fun trying out? ;)

To try it out, either get the WAR and drop it into a Java web container 
(like Tomcat etc.):

or do this:

$ git clone
$ cd jexler
$ gradle demo
... and then point your browser to http://localhost:8080/

Or see the Users' Guide with screenshots:


Jex Jexler (Alain Stalder)

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