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From "Winnebeck, Jason" <>
Subject Closure capturing reference versus snapshot
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:15:03 GMT
I couldn't find a good description on the details of how closures capture their context at I thought that closures always capture a reference (and
not a snapshot as in Java anonymous classes), because this works to print 2:

def i = 1
def x = { println i }
i = 2

However, I'm having a problem getting a more complicated example to work. In this case it's
a DSL where I capture a bunch of closures and run them multiple times, and expecting them
to have state.

Here is the DSL "script"

def x = {
  def y = func()
  println "top closure: y is $y"
  setClosure {
    println "nested closure: y is $y"

And here is the "framework"

class State {
  def y
  Closure closure
  def func() {y}
  void setClosure(Closure c) {
    if (closure == null) {
      println "First time and I'm saving the closure"
      closure = c

def s = new State()

s.y = 1
x.delegate = s
s.y = 2

I know that the with method clones the closure, which is why I tried setting delegate manually.
In either case the output is the same:

top closure: y is 1
First time and I'm saving the closure
nested closure: y is 1
top closure: y is 2
nested closure: y is 1

I'm expecting the nested closure to output "y is 2" because on the second execution of the
same closure, y gets set to 2. It seems the nested closure is capturing a snapshot of the
local variable y instead of a reference. If I move the declaration of "y" out of the top closure,
or somewhere else such as a field in a containing class, it works as expected.

Jason Winnebeck

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