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From Merlin Beedell <>
Subject Windows Installer
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 10:59:58 GMT
I am looking at the new Apache hosted Groovy Website. It looks very tidy.  I am sure there
are plenty of things to do to complete the transition to Apache.  I am very glad that Groovy
appears to continue to live!

I was looking for the native Windows installer that you occasionally provided - the main reason
is that it includes the "Supplementary" helper classes and platform specific code.  In my
case, I use the "Scriptom"/ Jacob libraries to integrate with COM objects.   The current link
goes to a #TODO 404 error page!

I tried the Posh-GVM<> which is as sweet as it is
obscure (I hate things filling up my profile - why can't it prompt for an install location?),
and it does not include the 'supplementary' items either.

Anyway, are there any thoughts on including a native Windows Installer at some point in the
future?  Or to provide a package containing the supplementary parts?

Merlin Beedell

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