Congratulations Ferenc and welcome to the PMC! Thanks so much for all your diligence and for running the 1.9.0 release!

Best regards,

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 8:09 AM Denes Arvay <> wrote:
Hello Flume community,

On behalf of the Apache Flume PMC I am pleased to announce that Ferenc Szabo (szaboferee) has accepted our invitation to become a PMC member on the Apache Flume project.
Ferenc has been regularly contributing improvements to Flume including multiple bigger features/enhancements, initiated changes to help improving code quality. His main achievement recently was coordinating the 1.9 release. During this process he not only managed to roll out the release but also went the extra mile by improving the tooling around the release process and by updating the documentation.

We appreciate Ferenc stepping up to take more responsibility in the Flume project and we look forward to his continued contributions!

Please join me in welcoming Ferenc to the Apache Flume PMC!

Kind regards,