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From "Shofner, James" <jshof...@GAIG.COM>
Subject fan-in/collector flow
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2018 12:48:25 GMT
I would like to collect events from two sinks and channel them to a final sink. The first sink
is streaming data to spark and the events there have also been streamed to an HDFS endpoint,
in a separate flow from jms. I'd like to be able to use the events from HDFS for replay, by
dropping specific events into a local directory when needed.

I've tried several configurations with an agent (a1) running jms=>file-channel=>avro-sink,
an agent (a2) spool-dir=>file-channel=>avro-sink to an agent (a3) running avro-source=>file-channel=>spark-sink.
All three agents are running on the same host, which I think is the issue, because of the
ports. I get an invalid configuration for the flow on a3, saying the port is already used.
Is that the issue? Do you have any examples of a fan-in topology being used for replay?

Thank you!
James T. Shofner

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