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From big data <bigdatab...@outlook.com>
Subject TAILDIR source causes many channel closed error
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2017 01:58:08 GMT
I use TAILDIR sink in flume 1.7 to catch file changed in some folders 
and sink to HDFS, but after start flume,

some source runs well, some source causes Channel-closed error.

ERROR [PollableSourceRunner-TaildirSource-source-error] 
(org.apache.flume.source.taildir.TaildirSource.process:236) -Unable to 
tail files

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Channel closed [channel-cccc]. Due to 
java.io.EOFException: null


Caused by : java.io.EOFException


Sometimes,  souce folder has not been generated files, Does this the 
reason? How to avoid this problem?


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