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From "Ping PW Wang" <wpw...@cn.ibm.com>
Subject Re: In Kerberos, Thrift Sources/Sinks can only authenticate as principal "flume"?
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 06:11:22 GMT

After more test, I found thrift Sources/Sinks can only authenticate with
kerberos principal in format "name/_HOST@YOUR-REALM.COM".
If using other valid principle in the format "name@YOUR-REALM.COM" it will
hit ERROR of "GSS initiate failed".
I opened this JIRA for the strict limits on the principal.

From:	Ping PW Wang/China/IBM@IBMCN
To:	dev@flume.apache.org, user@flume.apache.org
Date:	05/17/2016 05:00 PM
Subject:	In Kerberos, Thrift Sources/Sinks can only authenticate as
            principal "flume"?

Hi Flume team and experts,
I am using Thrift Sources/Sinks in Kerberos environment, found the agents
only work with principle "flume".  If using other valid principle it will
hit ERROR of "GSS initiate failed".  For some reason I can not use Flume
principle, can someone give me some guide on this? Thanks.

Here's my configuration file:
g1.sources.source1.type = spooldir
g1.sources.source1.spoolDir = /test
g1.sources.source1.fileHeader = false
g1.sinks.sink1.type = thrift
g1.sinks.sink1.hostname = localhost
g1.sinks.sink1.port = 55555
g1.channels.channel1.type = memory
g1.channels.channel1.capacity = 1000
g1.channels.channel1.transactionCapacity = 100
g1.sources.source1.channels = channel1
g1.sinks.sink1.channel = channel1
g2.sources = source2
g2.sinks = sink2
g2.channels = channel2
g2.sources.source2.type = thrift
g2.sources.source2.bind = localhost
g2.sources.source2.port = 55555
g2.sinks.sink2.type = hdfs
g2.sinks.sink2.hdfs.path = /tmp
g2.sinks.sink2.hdfs.filePrefix = thriftData
g2.sinks.sink2.hdfs.writeFormat = Text
g2.sinks.sink2.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
g2.channels.channel2.type = memory
g2.channels.channel2.capacity = 1000
g2.channels.channel2.transactionCapacity = 100
g2.sources.source2.channels = channel2
g2.sinks.sink2.channel = channel2
g1.sinks.sink1.kerberos = true
g1.sinks.sink1.client-principal = flume/hostname@XXX.COM
= /etc/security/keytabs/flume-1563.server.keytab
g1.sinks.sink1.server-principal = flume/hostname@XXX.COM
g2.sources.source2.kerberos = true
g2.sources.source2.agent-principal = flume/hostname@XXX.COM
= /etc/security/keytabs/flume-1563.server.keytab

If using other valid principle, will hit error:

g1.sinks.sink1.kerberos = true
g1.sinks.sink1.client-principal = test@IBM.COM
g1.sinks.sink1.client-keytab = /home/test/test.keytab
g1.sinks.sink1.server-principal = test@IBM.COM
g2.sources.source2.kerberos = true
g2.sources.source2.agent-principal = test@IBM.COM
g2.sources.source2.agent-keytab = /home/test/test.keytab

Agent g1:
ERROR server.TThreadPoolServer: Error occurred during processing of
org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: Peer indicated failure:
GSS initiate failed
    at org.apache.thrift.transport.TSaslServerTransport
    at org.apache.thrift.server.TThreadPoolServer$WorkerProcess.run
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker

Agent g2:
ERROR transport.TSaslTransport: SASL negotiation failure
javax.security.sasl.SaslException: GSS initiate failed [Caused by
GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Server not
found in Kerberos database (7) - UNKNOWN_SERVER)]
    at com.sun.security.sasl.gsskerb.GssKrb5Client.evaluateChallenge

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