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From Simone Roselli <simone.rose...@plista.com>
Subject Spooldir -> Kafka sink
Date Thu, 19 May 2016 13:37:00 GMT

I'm using 2 sinks (Kafka, Fileroll) in failover.

If the Kafka sink is temporary unreachable, the Fileroll takes over and writes events on a
local dir.

Then, I configure a spoolDir source, for a directory /dir, pointing to the Kafka sink.

When I try to move an event from the local dir to the spool dir, the event doesn't reach Kafka
and I get this:

9 May 2016 15:12:39,007 WARN  [SinkRunner-PollingRunner-FailoverSinkProcessor] (kafka.utils.Logging$class.warn:83)
 - Error while fetching metadata [{TopicMetadata for topic default-flume-topic ->
No partition metadata for topic default-flume-topic due to kafka.common.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException}]
for topic [default-flume-topic]: class kafka.common.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException

19 May 2016 15:12:39,007 ERROR [SinkRunner-PollingRunner-FailoverSinkProcessor] (kafka.utils.Logging$class.error:97)
 - Failed to collate messages by topic, partition due to: Failed to fetch topic metadata for
topic: default-flume-topic

19 May 2016 15:12:39,007 INFO  [SinkRunner-PollingRunner-FailoverSinkProcessor] (kafka.utils.Logging$class.info:68)
 - Back off for 100 ms before retrying send. Remaining retries = 3

19 May 2016 15:12:39,108 INFO  [SinkRunner-PollingRunner-FailoverSinkProcessor] (kafka.utils.Logging$class.info:68)
 - Fetching metadata from broker id:1,host:broker01.doamain.com,port:9092 with correlation
id 45270 for 2 topic(s) Set(MyTopic, default-flume-topic)


19 May 2016 15:12:39,433 ERROR [SinkRunner-PollingRunner-FailoverSinkProcessor] (kafka.utils.Logging$class.error:97)
 - Failed to send requests for topics MyTopic,default-flume-topic with correlation ids in


default-flume-topic = kafka topic used by flume-ng Kafka sink
MyTopic = my actual target topic, present in the event headers

In the agent.conf i didn't set any topic name as topic names are dynamically assigned. If
I define a topic name in the agent.conf, then it works.

Any clues?

Simone Roselli
ITE Sysadmin

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