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From Simone Roselli <simone.rose...@plista.com>
Subject Spooldir needs a Kafka topic defined in the agent.conf
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 16:33:55 GMT

I'm having trouble configuring a spooldir source using the Kafka sink

In Flume-NG I can use the Kafka sink without specify a topic name in the agent.conf, since
the event contains this topic name in the headers.

Things look different using the spooldir source. If you don't provide a topic name in agent.conf,
it will only try a default one (default-flume-topic).

Is there a way to force spooldir source using the topic name in the headers?

ps: I'm using Spooldir with the AVRO deserialization; no other particular configuration. "fileHeader"
is set as "true"

Many thanks

Simone Roselli
ITE Sysadmin

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