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From Gonzalo Herreros <gherre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Reading with Spark from KafkaChannel
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 08:47:49 GMT
Hola Guillermo,

If I understand correctly you want Flume to write to kafka as a channel and
then Spark to read from kafka.
To do that you have two options:
- Make Spark deserialize the FlumeEvent read from kafka. for instance in

      val parseFlumeEvent = { body: Array[Byte] =>
        val reader = new
        val in = new ByteArrayInputStream(body);
        val decoder =
org.apache.avro.io.DecoderFactory.get().directBinaryDecoder(in, null);
        val event = reader.read(null, decoder);
        new String(event.getBody().array())

-Or set parseAsFlumeEvent=false and merge fix FLUME-2781 (or wait for Flume
1.7.0 to be released).
Without the fix, flume will still serialize avro kafka regardless of the

Alternatively, you can write to kafka as a sink instead of a channel, so it
doesn't wrap the message. But that adds some overhead because now you need
a channel.


On 6 November 2015 at 08:38, Guillermo Ortiz <konstt2000@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using the KafkaChannel, I have a doubt about the documentation.
> Expecting Avro datums with FlumeEvent schema in the channel. This
> should be true if Flume source is writing to the channel And false if
> other producers are writing into the topic that the channel is using
> Flume source messages to Kafka can be parsed outside of Flume by using
> org.apache.flume.source.avro.AvroFlumeEvent provided by the
> flume-ng-sdk artifact
> In my PoC, I'm writing just with Kafka to my topic but I want to read
> from the KafkaChannel with Spark. I have configured parseAsFlumeEvent
> as true because just Flume writes to this topic.
> What should I do to read the "events" from Kafka? DO I have to use
> org.apache.flume.source.avro.AvroFlumeEvent??. If I set the parameter
> as false, how are the events inserted?

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