Hi all,

I define a channel selector as below:

lbs.sources.sourceKafka.channels = channelGps channelCell channelWifi channelIp channelWithoutGps
lbs.sources.sourceKafka.selector.type = multiplexing
lbs.sources.sourceKafka.selector.header = withGPS
lbs.sources.sourceKafka.selector.mapping.true = channelGps channelCell channelWifi channelIp
lbs.sources.sourceKafka.selector.mapping.false = channelWithoutGps

And for every channel I have a HDFS sink to upload data to different directory. But I have found that the data uploaded by a sink has been found in another sink's file. There are no warning or error messages in the log. So is this a bug, or am I doing anything wrong?