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From Fabio Moreira <fabiomore...@neemu.com>
Subject File channel getting huge
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2015 03:04:28 GMT
When do the file channels get clean?

My file channel folder is getting really huge.

a1.channels.c2_processing.type = file
a1.channels.c2_processing.transactionCapacity = 10000
a1.channels.c2_processing.capacity = 10000000
a1.channels.c2_processing.checkpointDir =
a1.channels.c2_processing.dataDirs =

*224G    processing*/data

I looked at my log errors and HDFS files and everything seems to be OK. No
errors, no missing files.

The datadir contains files from Ago/17 until today Ago/20. Can I delete the
old ones manually? Will flume complaint about it? Can I reduce the number
of files on datadirs? OR ate least compress them? I know I can set

* | Fábio Moreira . * 92 3877.9010

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