But there are still data in the channel, shouldn't the sink pull all the data from the channel?

2015-07-14 11:09 GMT+08:00 Balasubramanian Jayaraman <balasubramanian.jayaraman@autodesk.com>:

If you change the configurations, the flume will automatically restart the sources, channels and sinks. Since the source is commented the flume agent is not receiving the data and hence no data is received in Sink


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Subject: Re: Flume Sink stop working after disabling source


P.S. I'm using Flume 1.5.2.


2015-07-13 16:17 GMT+08:00 Shady Xu <shadyxu@gmail.com>:

I have to move my Flume agent to another machine, so I comment the source to disable it in my configuration file. And I leave other configurations as they are to let the sink finish uploading the data stored in the channel to HDFS.


However, several days passed, there are still the same amount of data in the channel, the sink seems have stopped working too. What may be the problem?