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From Rani Yaroshinski <rani.yaroshin...@gmail.com>
Subject Sizing of Flume and resiliency
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2015 08:20:44 GMT
Hi all,

suppose I am using flume for the sake of transferring events from different
and complex sources
into HDFS sink mainly.

I am looking for some baseline paper for sizing flume installation, since
the only relevant material
for this, is dealing with event aggregations which are not needed by me.

I am looking for sizing from the point of view of memory, core and I/O
to the event's characteristicsm the number of sources and the number of

Another issue, which still falls into this section of architectural and
non-functional considerations
is the issue of fail over and resiliency.
I can see failover only for sinks, but not for channel, not for sources,
and not for agents, and machines running the flume-agent instance.


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