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From Robert B Hamilton <robert.hamil...@gm.com>
Subject RE: HDFS Sink performance
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:51:32 GMT
Our testing has shown up to 60MB/s to HDFS if we use up to 8 or 10 sinks per agent, and with
a file channel with a single dataDir.

From: lohit [mailto:lohit.vijayarenu@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 11:11 AM
To: user@flume.apache.org
Subject: HDFS Sink performance


Does anyone have some numbers which they can share around HDFS sink performance. From our
testing, for single sink writing to HDFS (CompressedStream) and reading from MemoryChannel
can only do about 35000 events per second (each event is about 1K) in size. After compression
this turns out to be ~10MB/s write stream to HDFS file. Which is pretty low. Our configuration
looks like this

agent.sinks.hdfsSink.type = hdfs
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.channel = memoryChannel
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.path = /tmp/lohit
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.codeC = lzo
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.fileType = CompressedStream
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.writeFormat = Writable
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.rollInterval = 3600
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.rollSize = 1073741824
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.rollCount = 0
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.batchSize = 10000
agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.txnEventMax = 10000

agent.channels.memoryChannel.type = memory

agent.channels.memoryChannel.capacity = 3000000
agent.channels.memoryChannel.transactionCapacity = 10000

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