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From Bob Metelsky <bob.metel...@gmail.com>
Subject Simple- Just copying plain files into the cluster (hdfs) using flume - possible?
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 21:30:43 GMT
Hi I have a simple requirement

on server1 (NOT in the cluster, but has flume installed)
I have a process that constantly generates xml files in a known directory

I need to transfer them to server2 (IN the hadoop cluster)
and into hdfs as xml files

from what Im reading avro, thrift rpc, et all - are designed for other uses

Is there a way to have flume just copy over plain files? txt, xml...
Im thinking there should be but I cant find it

The closest I see is the "spooling directory" but that seems to be the
files are already inside the cluster.

Can flume do this? Is there an example,I've read the flume documentation
and nothing is jumping out


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