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From Mohit Durgapal <durgapalmo...@gmail.com>
Subject issue with rsyslog , AWS ELB & flume
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2014 05:14:09 GMT
Hi All,

I have been using a php script to write logs to rsyslog and then rsyslog
sends messages directly to flume(syslogtcp source) on a tcp port.

Now as I am moving to AWS I want to introduce an ELB(Elastic Load Balancer)
layer between rsyslog & flume nodes. So I added an ELB with tcp port
forwarding. It seems like the ELB is getting the events from all rsyslog
nodes but it is not forwarding it to flume . My flume source is a syslog
tcp source which uses the same port on which the load balancer forwards the

Any help on this would be great.



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