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From <j.guilm...@accenture.com>
Subject RE: Flume HTTP sink for binary data
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 11:31:14 GMT

I’m about to propose something (today). I’m waiting for a formal authorization from my
client: I’ve received an informal GO.

Is there any JIRA existing already ?

Best regards

From: Otis Gospodnetic [mailto:otis.gospodnetic@gmail.com]
Sent: lundi 27 octobre 2014 17:28
To: user@flume.apache.org
Subject: Re: Flume HTTP sink for binary data


Shouldn't something like that exist in Flume?

Jean-François, is this something you could contribute?  Maybe we can use yours or work on
it if you can put up a patch?  If not, I think we can take one of the existing implementations
you mentioned and try to improve that and contribute that...... but if your stuff is better,
somewhat ready, and contributable.....

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On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 12:09 PM, <j.guilmard@accenture.com<mailto:j.guilmard@accenture.com>>
Hi Pavel,

I have found 2 initiatives on this.


None of them appeared to me with the code quality/flexibility I expected, so I guess it might
be worth going further?

Good luck and let me know if you find other alternatives. (I’m currently developing my own
code, based on Apache HttpClient )

Best regards.
Jean-François Guilmard

From: Pavel Zalunin [mailto:wr4bbit@gmail.com<mailto:wr4bbit@gmail.com>]
Sent: lundi 27 octobre 2014 16:44
To: user@flume.apache.org<mailto:user@flume.apache.org>
Subject: Flume HTTP sink for binary data


We need to send binary data to our http endpoint, I looked at built-in sinks ( https://flume.apache.org/FlumeUserGuide.html#flume-sinks)
and can't find http sink. Are there opensourced implementations of such thing?



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