Yes, it just creates new instances of the Serializer class.

terrey shih wrote:


Yes.  The key and values are correct because I printed them out in my
serializer class..  Can I use the same serializer for for two
different channels for two hbase tables ? I should be able to right ?


On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 1:51 PM, Hari Shreedharan
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    Do you see anything in the logs? If you are configuring your
    serializer correctly it should work fine. Are you sure your events
    come in with the header key DataSrc and values either ABC or BCD?

    terrey shih wrote:


    One more thing.  I would like to know if one serializer can be used
    for two table.


    server-agent.sources = mySrc
    server-agent.sinks = hbase-sink1 hbase-sink2
    server-agent.channels = C1 C2

    # Describe/configure the source
    server-agent.sources.mySrc.type = avro
    server-agent.sources.mySrc.bind =
    server-agent.sources.mySrc.port = 5000

    # Use a channel which buffers events in memory
    server-agent.channels.C1.type = memory
    server-agent.channels.C1.capacity = 1000
    server-agent.channels.C1.transactionCapacity = 100
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink1.type = asynchbase
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink1.table = table1
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink1.columnFamily = fam1
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink1.batchSize = 1000
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink1.serializer =
    com.test.flume.server.HBaseSinkSerializer = C1
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink1.serializer.columns = col1,col2,col3

    server-agent.channels.C2.type = memory
    server-agent.channels.C2.capacity = 1000
    server-agent.channels.C2.transactionCapacity = 100
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink2.type = asynchbase
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink2.table = table2
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink2.columnFamily = fam2
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink2.batchSize = 1000
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink2.serializer =
    com.test.flume.server.HBaseSinkSerializer = C2
    server-agent.sinks.hbase-sink2.serializer.columns = table2Col

    # Bind the source and sink to the channel
    server-agent.sources.mySrc.channels = C1 C2
    server-agent.sources.avor-Src.selector.type = multiplexing
    server-agent.sources.avor-Src.selector.header = DataSrc
    server-agent.sources.avor-Src.selector.mapping.ABC = C1
    server-agent.sources.avor-Src.selector.mapping.BCD = C2

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        Here is my sample config.

        On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Hari Shreedharan
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            Can you please send your config? That would make it easier to

            terrey shih wrote:

            I have a fanning out operation where I have one source and
            and based
            on the event headers (headers are added from the source
            input), I
            would like to channel the event to different Hbase
    tables.  I
            am using
            the same serializer for the hbase tables.