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From German Diaz Esjando <diazesjando.ger...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache Flume
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 17:25:00 GMT

I'm wanting to get data from Twitter with Flume but I ran into errors.

I started installing a Single Node Hadoop, Hive and Flume then install.

Running Flume, I connect to Twitter and I see the Twitters console, but I
can not:

1. That messages are written to HDFS
2. Flume continue listening to new posts

I would appreciate if you can help me!


The console output and the command I use to run Flume.

flume-ng agent -. conf / conf /-f conf / flume.conf-Dflume.root.logger =
DEBUG, console-n agent


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