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From Matt Wise <m...@nextdoor.com>
Subject Flume-NG ElasticSearch Sink Backing up @ Midnight...
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2014 16:02:11 GMT
We use Flume 1.4 to pass logs into HDFS as well as ElasticSearch for
storage. The pipeline looks roughly like this:

Client to Server Flow...
(local_app -> local_host_flume_agent) ---- AVRO/SSL ---->

Agent Server Flow ...
(inbound avro -> FC1 -> ElasticSearch)
(inbound avro -> FC2 -> S3/HDFS)

In the last week we've made a few changes and now we're seeing a bit of a
problem. We'e seen 3 different occurrences of a single flume agent server
node beginning to back up its FC1 channel indefinitely until we log in and
restart Flume entirely. The data just stops flowing -- we can't find any
errors in the logs on either the ES or Flume side. A simple restart of
Flume fixes it.

Our sink config looks like this:

> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.type =
> org.apache.flume.sink.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchSink
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.hostNames = xxx:9300
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.indexName = flume
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.clusterName =
> flume-elasticsearch-production-useast1
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.batchSize = 1000
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.ttl = 30
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.serializer =
> org.apache.flume.sink.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchLogStashEventSerializer
> agent.sinks.elasticsearch.channel = fc-unstructured-es

This ONLY happens at Midnight, and only happens on one flume server. I'm
wondering whether it has to do with the time it takes our ES nodes to
create a new index ... and the first flume agent that triggers "index
creation" could be getting blocked or stuck?

Matt Wise
Sr. Systems Architect

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