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From Steve Katz <steven.k...@nexage.com>
Subject Flume RpcClient multithreading
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2014 03:21:09 GMT
I'm trying to understand the correct way to use the Flume RpcClient in a multithreaded application.
Information I have found so far indicates that the components are thread safe, but the example
in the Flume documentation clouds the issue when it comes to error handling. This code:
public void sendDataToFlume(String data) {
    // Create a Flume Event object that encapsulates the sample data
    Event event = EventBuilder.withBody(data, Charset.forName("UTF-8"));

    // Send the event
    try {
    } catch (EventDeliveryException e) {
      // clean up and recreate the client
      client = null;
      client = RpcClientFactory.getDefaultInstance(hostname, port);
      // Use the following method to create a thrift client (instead of the above line):
      // this.client = RpcClientFactory.getThriftInstance(hostname, port);
If more than one thread calls this method, and the exception is thrown, then there will be
a problem as multiple threads try to recreate the client in the exception handler.
Is the intent of the SDK that it should only be used by a single thread? Should this method
be synchronized, as it appears to be in the log4jappender that is part of the Flume source?
Should I put this code in its own worker and pass it events via a queue?
Does anyone have an example of RpcClient being used by more then one thread (included the
error condition)?
Would I be better off using the "embedded agent"? Is that multithread friendly?

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