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From Abhijit Vaidya <abhi...@nclouds.com>
Subject Can we add custom datasource to hdp-ganglia
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2014 17:28:31 GMT

Is there any way to add extra datasources to hdp-ganglia other than

data_source "HDPSlaves"
data_source "HDPNameNode"
data_source "HDPHBaseMaster"
data_source "HDPResourceManager"
data_source "HDPHistoryServer"

I tried to manually add the datasource information in
to gangliaClusters.conf  in hdp ganglia scrpts and then if I restart the
hdp_ganglia services , it works nd I can see the data source added to
ganglia web but when I restart ganglia from ambari webui, it reverts it
back to orginal.

Cloud you please share your thoughts on adding extra data sources.


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