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From AnilKumar B <akumarb2...@gmail.com>
Subject flume fail over mechanism
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 09:42:27 GMT

In our pipeline we are thinking of using flume, our data source can be
either filer or hbase or it can be couchbase also and sink is either
filer(down stream's) or another hbase cluster(down stream's).

So I need some help in following.
1) To handle multiple sources and sinks, do I need to write custom flume
sink and source? or I should use community's respective source and sinks?

2) For us, we cannot miss any data, Is there any mechanism in flume to
handle failed messages, I mean suppose flume failed write the records into
hbase, how exactly it will takes care? Or should I maintain state of each
record and based on it's state I am thinking of handling failed messages,
Is that correct way? I am trying to use zookeeper for state management. So
just want to know, whether my approach is correct or not.

Thanks & Regards,
B Anil Kumar.

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