Hi Mike,

we are using OSGi container (Karaf) on our production environment and we are looking for possibility to integrate Flume Agent to our "infrastructure" in standard for OSGi bus way (deploy OSGi bundle).

Best regards, Andrey.

What is the use case? Can you provide more detail?


On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 2:53 AM, Andrey Poltavtsev <apoltavtsev@gmail.com> wrote:

I did not found in existing Apache Flume distribution | documentation (User guide | Developers Guide)  any information regarding using of Apache Flume in OSGi environment. Do you have any workaround in this direction ?
Is it planned to add integration with OSGi container to official Apache Flume distribution in future (I mean OSGi bundle) ? Any information ragarding expirience using Flume with OSGi will be very helpfull.


Best Regards, Andrey.