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From "cherubimsun" <cherubim...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Re: I have a problem on flume ng.
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 04:07:53 GMT
hi Ekpo,

The MemoryChannel has the problem.
I have change the channel to file.that's ok.

thank u very much .



发件人:Israel Ekpo <israel@aicer.org>
发送时间:2013-05-13 11:24
主题:Re: I have a problem on flume ng.

It seems you are using a custom build of Flume - the type for your sink is not a FQCN or one
of the defined types in SinkType.

It would be helpful if you inform us with the following additional information:

1. The Flume version you updated for this custom build.
2. The log files in both agents when this error occurred.

This will help out in the diagnosis of the root cause.

If I were to take a wild guess, there are possible errors taking place in one or both agents.

Also, you are using MemoryChannel which is volatile and non-persistent. 

Stoping the agent effectively kills the JVM process and discards any events that may have
been buffered the process memory for this channel.

Any events buffered in the memory channel before the agent was stopped will be lost permanently.

I personally only use memory channels when doing small tests. I dont use it in production
events where I cannot afford to lose the events captured by the sources.

I would recommend that you send us your log files, including the version of Flume NG with
a summary of the channels you made for your custom build.

Also, try changing the channel type to FileChannel and see if you still have this issue when
you restart the agents.

On 12 May 2013 21:35, cherubimsun <cherubimsun@gmail.com> wrote:

hi flumes,

Can somebody help me ASAP?
When i have restart the second layer agent,the the first layer agent can not send the the
log to the second's layer and no error print out.

Here is the environment(the log has been send from first layer agent(t188) to second agent(t185)):
agent_1st[ agent] ---->agent_2nd[ agent]

After i'm fllowing the steps,the flume ng is not working:
1.start the agent_2nd(t185) and agent_1st(t188).
2.send the log.(fond the log has been sended to the agent_2nd).
3.stop the agent_2nd.
4.delete the log.
5.start the agent_2nd.
6.send the log from agent_1st 2 agent_2nd.(There is nothing in the log folder. And the flume
has't error info).

Thanks a lot!



Israel Ekpo
Chief Scientist
American Institute for Computing Education and Research Inc
(408) 692-4237
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