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From Chris Neal <cwn...@gmail.com>
Subject Best way to increase throughput of Exec->Memory->Avro agent.
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2013 20:43:34 GMT
Hi all.

I've been working on this for quite some time, and need some advice from
the experts.  I have a two tiered Flume architecture:

App Tier (all on one server):
 124 ExecSources -> MemoryChannel -> AvroSinks

HDFS Tier (on two servers):
  AvroSource -> FileChannel -> HDFSSinks

When I run the agents, the HDFS tier is keeping up fine with the App Tier.
 queue sizes stay between 0-10000 (I have a batch size of 10000).  All is

On the App Tier, when I view the JMX data through jconsole, I watch the
size of the MemoryChannel grow steadily until it reaches the max, then it
starts throwing exceptions about not being able to put the batch on the
channel as expected.

There seems to be two basic ways to increase the throughput of the App Tier:
1.  Increase the MemoryChannel's transactionCapacity and the corresponding
AvroSink's batch-size.  Both are set to 10000 for me.
2.  Increase the number of AvroSinks to drain the MemoryChannel.  I'm up to
64 Sinks now which round-robin between the two Flume Agents on the HDFS

Both of those values seem quite high to me (batch size and number of

Am I missing something as far as tuning?
Which would allow for greater increase to throughput, more Sinks or larger
batch size?

I'm stumped here.  I still think I can get this to work. :)

Any suggestions are most welcome.
Thanks for your time.

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