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From Madhu Gmail <madhu.munag...@gmail.com>
Subject Adding custom jar path value from cloudera manager
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 18:53:53 GMT
I see below post previously  for adding custom classes part of jars.
I am confused what is  ALL_PATHS.    Does this mean all the classpath variables for the flume
Can some one tell me how I add my custom jar  from the cloudera UI configuration screen.
You can add additional directories to your classpath by modifying the config "Additional Java
Configuration Options for Flume Agent" in CM UI. You need to specify ALL the paths by adding
"-Djava.library.path={ALL_PATHS}". This string gets sent as-is to Flume agent startup script.
So make sure it contains all the paths needed by your Flume Agents.
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