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From James Stewart <James.Stew...@Optiver.com.au>
Subject FLume OG Choke Limit Not Working
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 23:53:39 GMT
Hello all,

I'm using flume OG (unable to upgrade to NG at this stage) and I am having trouble with the
choke decorator.

I am aggregating the data flows from several logical nodes at a single 'aggregator' logical
node. The data flows should be batched, zipped, choked and then sent on to another 'collector'
logical node. I am using the following config to achieve this:

exec setChokeLimit aggregator.mydomain.com mychoke 150
exec config aggregator.mydomain.com 'collectorSource(35853)' 'batch(100, 1000) gzip choke("mychoke")
agentBESink("collector.mydomain.com", 35853)'

The choke decorator should limit transfer to 150KB/sec, which equates to 1.2Mbit/sec. However
I am regularly recording Flume traffic spikes of 5Mbit/sec and more.

Can anybody suggest what I might be doing wrong? Is it ok to chain the batch, gzip and choke
decorators like this, or should they each be in a separate logical node?



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