I'm looking to get Flume data transferred to a Node.js server listening on a specific port.  I'm not interested in actually storing the data anywhere, as it's simply using that data to display "current activity" and doesn't need to be persist it anywhere.  I'm transferring a very small amount of data - just a series of IP addresses, actually.  So I'd like to keep the architecture simple, too.

At first I was thinking I could use the Avro sink to send the data directly to Node.js using a dnode server object (i.e. RPC), but there seems to be more to it than the basic setup.  I'm just not sure how to configure the Node.js side to understand the Avro sink RPC request (or if that's even possible).

I've been looking at creating a custom sink to do this; I've not written one before, much less written anything in Java, so that'd be new to me.  Any pointers?