I successfully ran flume-ng 1.2 on two boxes running Unix and would now like to try to connect to one box running Windows.


The installation instructions on Cloudera site  are too ambiguous for me to grasp.


1.1. Installation

Flume for Windows is installed using an executable installer generated by Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). It provides a simple wizard which presents basic options for a node’s configuration settings. It will install the software and optionally start a Flume node as a Windows service (daemon).

I could not get this to work as described.


I downloaded NSIS installer and downloaded flume 0.9x zip file from github.

When I tried to drag flume.nsis into to the  script compiler window I got this error:

!insertmacro: MUI_PAGE_LICENSE

LicenseData: open failed "LICENSE"

Usage: LicenseData local_file_that_has_license_text | license_lang_string

Error in macro MUI_PAGEDECLARATION_LICENSE on macroline 17

Error in macro MUI_PAGE_LICENSE on macroline 6

Error in script "…..\Flume\flume-master\flume-windows-dist\src\main\nsis\flume.nsi " on line 96 -- aborting creation process


Then I tried another option,  “installing based on zip file”.  Installation went well but there was no prompts for configuration, so when I ran /bin/flume-node.exe I got this:

Sorry for this silly question but  how to do it?




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