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From <shouvanik.hal...@accenture.com>
Subject Getting this annoying error
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 13:12:36 GMT
I am always getting this annoying error

Unable to map logical node 'test_agnt_nd1' to physical node 'ip-10-40-222-77.ec2.internal'

I have the following configuration in a script file. Please help!

connect ip-10-40-222-77.ec2.internal

exec config test_agnt_nd1 test_Flow  'tail("/var/log/flume/test1.log",startFromEnd="true")'
'value("LogType","Test1Log") agentBESink("ip-10-40-222-77.ec2.internal",35853)'

exec config test_data_collector_nd1 test_Flow  'collectorSource(35853)' 'EHCacheSink("Y","/var/log/flume")

exec spawn ip-10-40-222-77.ec2.internal test_agnt_nd1
exec spawn ip-10-40-222-77.ec2.internal test_data_collector_nd1


Thanks and Regards,
Shouvanik Haldar | Cloud SME Pool | Mobile:+91-9830017568

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