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From Paul Chavez <pcha...@verticalsearchworks.com>
Subject RE: Flume to stream logs live
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 16:24:18 GMT
I have setup a Windows flume flow using LogParser and the AvroClient app bundled with flume.

It's a Powershell script scheduled every 5 minutes which runs a checkpointed query via LogParser
to create incremental files for IIS logs and a couple other of our app logs. Then the incremental
files are sent to a flume node running AvroSource. From there it's a typical flume setup,
the log types are split based on a header that I append when sending via the AvroClient and
then sent to collector nodes that sink to HDFS.

It's currently a best effort architecture as I don't trap any errors from the AvroClient on
the Windows side. I did extend the AvroClient to kick out exit codes though, just not using
it yet (see https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLUME-1670). I've been sending about 15GB
of IIS logs per day per server without issues, though.

It's not the best solution but it works for now. Longer term we are thinking of a custom app
on our side that leverages the HTTPSource, or if we get ambitious implementing the AvroRPC
in .net but that's a backburner project right now.

Also, I'm bucketing the events based on a timestamp interceptor which has caused post processing
pain as the event timestamps are off by ~5 minutes from the header. I'm looking forward to
using regex capture interceptor to timestamp the events with the event time soon.

Paul Chavez

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FWIW, I was sending log data from Windows I would write a little Windows Log Agent and send
the data to the HTTP Source.


On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 8:47 AM, Kartashov, Andy <Andy.Kartashov@mpac.ca> wrote:
> Flummers,
> Loved working with Flume 1.2 - very easy and simple configuration, it 
> was a pleasure to work with. Managed to "tail -F" logs from unix 
> server and into a hdfs cluster. The problem started when I also needed 
> to push logs from a Windows application server.  Spent three days 
> researching on how to install flume on Windows and run  a deamon/agent 
> that will push the logs to the Avro source I successfully configured 
> and ran on Unix. No luck. So I am looking t alternative. Is there 
> other framework available out there to help me with my issue. What about scribe?
> Andy Kartashov
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