JDBC probably could use mongo, but it's not implemented. There is code that would need to be in Flume to support MongoDB.

I would suggest using either CDh4.1 or a build of the flume-1.3.0 branch (which we hope to release soon) both of which give you FileChannel.


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 10:56 PM, Yanzhi.liu <404307305@qq.com> wrote:
Hello everybody:
    This is my configuration for flume 1.2.0.
I want to know whether the jdbc channel could use the mangodb.
agent_foo.sources = cpisDirSource
agent_foo.channels = JdbcChannel
agent_foo.sources.cpisDirSource.type = com.chinacache.cpis.sources.CpisDirSource
agent_foo.sources.cpisDirSource.dir = /home/flume/dir
agent_foo.sources.cpisDirSource.channels = fileChannel
agent_foo.sources.cpisDirSource.batchSize = 1
agent_foo.sources.cpisDirSource.max-line = 10000
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.type = jdbc
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.db.type = mongodb
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.driver.class = com.mongodb.jdbc.MongoDriver
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.dirver.url =
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.db.username = "test";
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.connection.properties.file = /home/flume/software/mongodb/bin/mongod -dbpath=/home/flume/mongodb -logpath=/home/flume/mongodb/mongodb.log -directoryperdb > /dev/null 2>&1 &

#agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.db.password =
agent_foo.channels.JdbcChannel.maximum.capacity = 1000000
2012-10-08 20:53:15,625 WARN impl.JdbcChannelProviderImpl: No connection URL specified. Using embedded derby database instance.
2012-10-08 20:53:15,626 WARN impl.JdbcChannelProviderImpl: Overriding values for - driver: org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver, user: saconnectUrl: jdbc:derby:/home/flume/.flume/jdbc-channel/db;create=true, jdbc properties file: null, dbtype: DERBY
Thanks you very much!
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