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From "Cochran, David M (Contractor)" <David.Coch...@bsee.gov>
Subject splitting functions
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 15:06:21 GMT
Okay folks, after spending the better part of a week reading the docs and experimenting I'm
lost.  I have flume 1.3.x working pretty much as expected on a single host.  It tails a log
file and writes it to another rolling log file via flume.  No problem there, seems to work
flawlessly.  Where my issue is trying to break apart the functions across multiple hosts...
a single host listening for others to send their logs to.  All of my efforts have resulted
in little more than headaches.

I can't even see the specified port open on what should be the logging host.  I've tried the
basic examples posted on different docs but can't seem to get things working across multiple

Would someone post a working example of the conf's needed to get me started?  Something simple
that works, so I can them pick it apart to gain more understanding.  Apparently, I just don't
yet have a firm enough grasp on all the pieces yet, but want to learn!

Thanks in advance!

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