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From Jagadish Bihani <jagadish.bih...@pubmatic.com>
Subject Flume -ng startup failed
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 14:26:43 GMT

My flume 1.2.0 setup is working fine on one machine.
But when I ran it on another machine it gave me syntax error while starting
agent :
"bin/flume-ng: line 81: syntax error in conditional expression: 
unexpected token `('
bin/flume-ng: line 81: syntax error near `^java\.library\.path=(.'
bin/flume-ng: line 81: `      if [[ $line =~ ^java\.library\.path=(.*)$ 
]]; then' "

I have set JAVA_HOME.
I even vimdiffed flume-ng file with the one working fine. There was no 
Has anyone come across such error?


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