The community vote to change the primary source control from Subversion to git for Apache Flume has passed 
with consensus from the PMC and more than two-thirds majority from the community.

Tally of votes:
15   +1 votes
0     +0 votes
1     -1 votes

+1 votes:
Will McQueen (PMC)
Mubarak Seyed
Brock Noland (PMC) 
Ralph Goers (PMC)
Harish Mandala
Hari Shreedharan (PMC)
Patrick Wendell
Mike Percy (PMC)
Raymond Ng 
Rajesh Koilpillai
Jarek Jarcec Cecho (PMC)
Arvind Prabhakar (PMC)
alo alt
Inder Pali
Alan Rodriguez

+0 votes:

-1 votes:
Mark Stern

Thanks once again to all who voted. 


Hari Shreedharan