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From shekhar sharma <shekhar2...@gmail.com>
Subject Understanding the data flow between Source and Sink in Flume
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 09:16:19 GMT
I am using Flume-728 (Flume NG) and i am trying to build a custom sink for
Esper to apply EPL queries on the events generated. I have already custom
sink, but it is not at all instantiating my sink class...I would like to
understand how the flow actually happens from source to sink.

Lets say my source is avro who is collecting events from an avro client
(AvroCLI) and i am sending the events to custom sink, then wat all things i
need to do so that source is able to send the events to custom sink...
I have done some study on the code, and following things are mandatory

custom sink should be derived from Abstract Sink and optionally implements
Configurable. The class should override process() method which does the
actual processing of events..
Can you please let me know what all things are required inorder to
recognize the custom sink by flume...


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