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From Jay Stricks <...@wapolabs.com>
Subject Strange Logging Behavior with v094
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 02:32:19 GMT
I use the flume-daemon.sh script to initialize my agents. In that script, I
define the FLUME_LOG_DIR and FLUME_LOGFILE environment variables so that my
log file ends up being in:

Daily, a new log file with the day prior's date extension is created (e.g,
flume-flume-node-ip-10-114-81-9.log.2012-03-06). The original log file
without the date extension is overwritten. And both files then have  a
first entry with a time stamp of the new day (e.g., 2012-03-07
00:00:09,084).  Then, Flume begins log to both of these files concurrently.

Running diff on them shows that they're different in many places, but not
entirely so.

I don't have any log rotation set up on the /var/log/flume directory, so it
must be an automatic Flume setting to rotate the file daily. This started
happening only after upgrading to 094-cdh3u2. I'm also seeing it happen on
my collector servers, whereas on my master (which I initialize via a shell
script with this command: /usr/local/flume/bin/flume master >>
/var/log/flume/master_collector.log), nothing has been written to the file
for several days and it has a 0 byte size--though the master seems to be
running okay.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Am I missing something about log
rotation where this could be happening outside of Flume? Where would the
setting to control this be, if Flume itself is responsible?



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