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From Ryan Chan <ryanchan...@gmail.com>
Subject piped logs vs tail
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 13:53:43 GMT
 Using piped logs can be more efficient, but is riskier because Flume can
deliver messages without saving on disk. Doing this, however, increases the
probability of event loss. From a security point of view, this Flume node
instance runs as Apache’s user which is often root according to the Apache


It seems to me that it is the REVERSE:

1. piped logs is less efficient - more server operations for piping to
flume, while tailing is truly asynchronous and web server has zero works on
2. piped logs has less chance of event loss, since piped log should be
processed before writing to the log file, so if an event can be written
into the log file, it should always exist in flum, but not the vice versa.

Any comment?

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