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From alo alt <wget.n...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Centralizing web server access logs - syslog or tailing log file?
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2012 18:25:47 GMT

yes, use syslog. tail and tailDir has some limitations and issues.

Did you took an eye to flumeNG? Flume is completely rewritten and match perfect your project.


Alexander Lorenz

On Feb 25, 2012, at 7:39 AM, Ryan Chan wrote:

> I am new to Flume, just a quick question:
> Q, I have 10 web servers and need to centralize the access log for analyses purpose,
I have done some research and basically you have two way to send the log to the "collector",
that is using the syslog or tailing the access log files.
> In term of scalability and reliability, which method you would suggest? For me, seems
syslog is more reliable. Any comments?
> Thanks.

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