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From Gaurav Khanna <khannap...@yahoo.com>
Subject Is there a flume decorator that only allows events to pass through based on condition
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 03:18:24 GMT

Want to create a selection criteria that allows only certain lines in a log file that fulfill
the criteria to be passed on to the sink. Is there such a decorator or sink?

For instance: if there is a line in the log that contains: "User login failed", then that
line should be allowed to pass through the next sink in the line.

For instance: in the following config, I need to replace the text between "****" with a selection
criteria that if true then allows the event to be written to HBase. 

POC_Hadoop_Client_1.ssodev-bo.mtv1.vrsn.com : tail("/app/log-file-gen/out/server.log") | regex("some
regex",1,"aaa") ****selection criteria****  hbase("testtable", "%{aaa}", "colfam1", "q1",
"%{body}") ;

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