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From Brian Levine <br...@brianlevine.net>
Subject Receiving ACKs in E2E mode
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2012 17:33:11 GMT

I'm investigating the use of E2E mode in Flume.  My understanding is 
that the E2E mode is implemented with a WAL. In a given flow, the event 
will be sent through one or more WALs in the flow and when it 
successfully reaches its destination (e.g. is written to HDFS), an ACK 
will be propagated back up the chain. This will result in the agent at 
the beginning of the flow receiving the ACK which tells it that the 
event can be removed from its WAL.  Please correct me if I got anything 

Is there a way for the application that generated the event and called 
append on that first agent to receive this ACK?  The use-case is that I 
not only want stronger delivery guarantees, but I want to know when the 
event has been successfully delivered/persisted.

Thanks for your help.


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