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From Srinivasan Subramanian <ssrini_va...@hotmail.com>
Subject Log4J appender
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 08:23:32 GMT

I was evaluating the log4j appender provided with Flume.  But there is one aspect I dont understand:
The log4j appender makes a connection to teh flume-agent and retries a maximum of 10 times
(default - configurable) if the connection is not made successfully.  
1. When will the connection fail?  If the agent is not running on the node?  In that case
given that the default implementation waits for 1 second before each retry for a total of
10 retries, would this mean that each logging call from the application would be delayed by
10 seconds?  That would affect performance right?  
2. What happens to the log message when the agent is not available?  Is it lost?
I am a little confused with the implementation and any help in explaining this is appreciated.

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