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From Shuang <shu...@open42.com>
Subject Use metadata field for output bucketing
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 22:17:50 GMT
Hi, guys,
  After reading the Flume User Guide, I thought this is possible, but would
like to confirm with your guys. Currently, I have collectors configured as:
collectorSink("s3n://mybucket/flume/%Y-%m-%d/\",\"log-%{host}-\", 3600000),
and I have a field called "source" in Flume event's metadata table, and
would like to use in the collectorSink path, something like this:

I wonder what's the right syntax to refer to field in the metadata table. I
search the user guide and couldn't find any example. Also I'd like to point
out, this is kind of similar to how Scribe's message category is used.


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